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August 1, 2012

Hierarchies, Web 2.0 and Organizational Culture

This article, shared by John Tropea, made me ponder…

I read many blog posts that sounded optimistic about changing the organizational culture – may it be within a school, a business or another type of institution. Many brought good arguments for “flattening” hierarchies through the multitude of connections, networking, acces to critical information, openness, creation of collaborative spaces. Yet…

“Think about it! E2.0 create open, highly visible spaces for communication.

Anyone can talk to anyone. But everyone can see what everyone does! Well, such an environment will not lead people to engage in social experiment, to test the boundaries of social, professional conduct, in particular in a corporate context.

Quite the opposite, I would think. People will carefully adhere to expectations held by others as to what is appropriate for someone in one’s own role and position in the organizational hierarchy. If everyone can see what one does, one will not want to act inapropriately.

Hence, people carefully reproduce the already existing social norms and organizational culture – be it one of flat or deep hierarchies.”